Sunday, April 4, 2010

30-Day Love Dare Thoughts

Our 30 Day Love Blog comes to a close.

What did we gain by venturing into this together? As we began this experiment I did not know what to expect.

We as a community of faith took time to ‘socialize’ around the Word together. We got to hear what Christ through His Word was saying specifically to others as we also sought to hear what He is saying to us personally.

It has been so refreshing to hear so many people share the reality of their honest struggles and their fresh encounters with God. This dialogue enabled us to hear His Spirit in assuring, comforting, encouraging, and even challenging ways.

The early disciples must have done this as they interacted with Christ and each other day in and day out, they grew to know and love Jesus, each other, and others outside of their little group. They were challenged by His example and teachings to minister in LOVE to those they interacted with each day.

I personally have been challenged, encouraged to, “Do everything in love.”

Thank you for all who posted, commented, honestly shared your interactions with God and others, and took risks to share His Love!

Thanks to all who read faithfully. . .

MRCC you guys are awesome, thank you for making it a joy to be part of this incredible community.

Love ya,



  1. I loved this blog! It has been four days since it ended and I keep looking at it searching for a new post! What everyone shared was a wonderful blessing because although I was very busy, I could receive God's words of encouragement for the day. Thank you everybody! Hope we could continue doing something like this in the future!

  2. And thanks to you Nad for your good work in designing it and making it work, plus selecting and formatting the photos. Great work. Thanks.